I’m Still Here…

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will!

Hello and salutations. Another venture into the blog-sphere. I’ve only tried to blog umpteen times in the last 10 years but for some reason..I feel like the time is now.

I will be updating my page called “My GNE story” which will explain the condition that I have and I feel like I need to tell my story but for now, the reason I’ve decided to name my blog “I’m Still Here” is all about my condition. Meaning, the more I progress with this absolutely horrible muscle wasting disease, the more I feel invisible.  I am unable to do many things like I used to such as…walk, use my arms without leaning on something, clean my house like it needs daily, hug my husband and kids and basically just everyday tasks that most people take for granted. It’s annoying and it pisses me off!

So I guess this will be my way of expressing my day to day life. I will write about my family, my love of knitting and the different things I’m working on, my love of travel and my upcoming trip to Europe in 2019 (yay!!) and yes, there will be some bitching and moaning of GNE things that will undoubtedly come up.

So until then…welcome to my little corner of the world xx




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