Dreary Saturday

What a cold dreary day here on the prairies! It snowed a little last night which is making today very gray and dismal. That just means I get to play with one of my knitting projects that I started a week or so ago.

I bought this beautiful yarn from Hypnotic Yarn called Leaf Peeping and I just LOVE IT! It’s super soft and the colours are fantastic! It’s a super wash merino in worsted weight.  First things first…have to wind it into a cake from the hank. These terms always makes my husband laugh and mock haha. I took him to a new local yarn store a month ago and he wandered around calling everything hanks (insert eye roll here) then proceeded to touch and rub everything. Don’t get me wrong…that’s what you’re supposed to do when you hit your LYS but it’s just funny when your husband does it to try and fit in lol.  Anyways…



The pictures don’t do it justice…it’s gorgeous! 

I decided to do a scarf in the Old Shale Pattern. It’s a simple little pattern and I love the effect of it. How do you like it?  Aren’t the colors perfect? xx


What do you do on dreary Saturdays?

Much love…Tal xx

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